Tecnical expertise and instinct, ambition and creativity

KYme was born from an inspiration, from a creative impulse and a great passion.
As a continuous flow, it comes with the power of a wave, to disrupt the cliches and to create a
new soul in the eyewear’s world.



Past and present melt together in a tasteful blend of style, research and design.
In 2013 KYme started with the creative energy of a KYMA, a greek word meaning “wave”.

It was an obsession with design and beauty of shapes.
A no-brand concept: because a pair of glasses must be liked regardless of their brand.



beyond the company

Creativity and skills, in other words our people

KYme is made real by the people is made by the people who share their days and thoughts interacting with each other,
each in their own field, with skills and passion.
Young but experienced, KYme’s collaborators provide their customers and suppliers with availability, flexibility and great listening skills.

Attentive to trends but out of the patterns, sensitive and lively,
they are the heart of the company, an engine for constant innovation.



Wearing KYme means choosing to live its essential values,
that are present in every single creation of the brand.
Because success is fruit of hard work.



an unstoppable evolution

A new Brand Image, the same Vintage Passion.

The KYme brand design is the graphic tale of its essence.
The unstoppable expansion of a style wave, that keeps evolving and renewing.
Who choose Kyme, wears the same details, but always quality materials, shapes and colors from vintage, reinterpreted in a contemporary key.