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  • Creative impulse & great passion

    Kyme was born from an inspiration.
    From a creative impulse and great passion.
    It springs from the intuition of an inspired and resourceful optician.
    That’s how KYME started - KYMA, a Greek word meaning “wave”.
    A continuous flow, that, in 2013, made its debut in the eyewear’s world with its creative energy.

  • A particular vintage style made current and trendy

    A small collection, result of a meticulous research for design, shapes and materials aimed
    at revisiting evergreen frames with a more modern and contemporary taste.
    The brand is aimed both at a female and male audience, the reference target is transversal and embraces a range
    of costumers who choose to wear a top quality eyewear without neglecting the dictates of fashion: a “vintage” style made current and trendy.

  • Handmade in Italy

    All Kyme glasses are entirely made in Italy: the wisdom and experience of Venetian artisans is put to the service of the genius and creativity of southern Italy.
    And it’s so that a dream is realized: from southern creative genius come out beautiful glasses, by the expert hand of the northern crftsmen comes out a well-made and proportioned structure, from the materials finally, come out the quality of the product.

    The Kyme collections make use, in fact, of the best materials: cellulose from acetate of Mazucchelli, a leader in the field, to well-finished metals, lenses in CR39, polycarbonate or nylon, and leather covering.

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