Fall Winter '24

Embrace a fresh wave of style with Kyme Eyewear. ‘Dystopian Summer’ intertwines authenticity and innovation seamlessly. Redefine yourself, embrace the unexpected, and unveil a realm where eyewear goes beyond fashion, becoming a reflection of your distinctive self. As we pair our new Vlad eyewear with ping pong paddles against a studio-crafted beach backdrop, discover a captivating new chapter of your style journey.

Craftsmanship and valued design for unique style

Craftsmanship and valued design for unique style. All Kyme glasses are entirely made in Italy: starting from the genius and creativity of the initial design to the wisdom and experience of the artisans.
That’s why Kyme glasses are wonderful: well designed with a proportionate and comfortable structure and well made with quality materials.
The Kyme collections make use, in fact, of the best materials: cellulose from acetate of Mazucchelli, a leader in the field, to well-finished metals, lenses in CR39, polycarbonate or nylon, and leather covering.
A continuous search between past and future, to give each collection an independent and recognizable touch.

Kyme spectacles are protagonists of the most prestigious red carpets, worn by the most influential fashion bloggers in the world such as Chiara Ferragni, Chiara Biasi, Giulia Valentina, Giulia De Lellis, Candela Novembre, Gala Gonzalez & Linda Tol.

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