A Kyme sunglasses face shape guide

Types of sunglasses for face shape

When we choose a new pair of sunglasses, we often ask ourself which one is best for our face type: should I stick to the shape I already have and I know it fits me well or shall I take the risk and buy a different shape?

The answer is: dare and buy a new shape!! Why? Because there are several shapes that can fit all kind of face types, even if we think the opposite. We read a lot of articles saying that sunglasses are related to face shapes, but this is parcially true. In this sunglasses face shape guide we want to give you an additional insight. It’s actually much simple than that, it’s more about sizes and proportions.

It is true that there are some basic face types:

Glasses for a round face have a rectangular shape. Rectangular frames can give the face a slimmer and longer shape. (click on the face below to see our suggestion).

If your face is square, choose a round or oval shaped frame, they will give a touch of harmony to your face. (click on the face below to see our suggestion).

kyme square face guide

If your face is oval any frame is the right one for you. You can really choose the shape you prefer! (click on the face below to see our suggestion).

kyme oval face selection

If your face has a diamond shape, prefer cat-eye frames (for women) which fit perfectly into the lines of your face, enhancing its features or teardrop frames, especially for men. (click on the face below to see our suggestion).

 kyme diamond face selection

If your face resembles a heart, round, rectangular and cat eye glasses can give more balance between the top and bottom of your face. (click on the face below to see our suggestion).

ky e heart face selection

If you have a triangular shaped face, choose rectangular or cat eye frames, as they create an effect of reducing the width of the face. Glasant frames, also called open ones, are also among those to be preferred. (click on the face below to see our suggestion).



Based on the shape of your face we can give you suggestions for choosing the shape of your glasses. But these are, in fact, suggestions studied on the standard physiognomies of faces. The advice we always give is to choose what you prefer and find suitable for you. Don't take our suggestions as a strict rule, you could miss out on the pleasure of wearing glasses that you like and enhance your personality!

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