About us

Success is the fruit of hard work. KYME is made a reality by the people who share their days and thoughts by interacting with each other, each in their own field,
with skill and passion.
Young but experienced, KYME collaborators provide their customers and suppliers with availability, flexibility and great listening skills.
Attentive to trends but out of the patterns, sensitive and lively, they are the heart of the company, an engine for constant innovation.

Creative impulse & great passion

Kyme was born from an inspiration.
From a creative impulse and great passion.
It springs from the intuition of an inspired and resourceful optician.
That’s how KYME started - KYMA, a Greek word meaning “wave”.
A continuous flow, that, in 2013, made its debut in the eyewear’s world with its creative energy.

A particular vintage style made current and trendy

A small collection, result of a meticulous research for design, shapes and materials aimed
at revisiting evergreen frames with a more modern and contemporary taste.
The brand is aimed both at a female and male audience, the reference target is transversal and embraces a range
of costumers who choose to wear a top quality eyewear without neglecting the dictates of fashion: a “vintage” style made current and trendy.

Handmade in Italy

All Kyme glasses are entirely made in Italy: the wisdom and experience of Venetian artisans is put to the service of the genius and creativity of southern Italy.
And it’s so that a dream is realized: from southern creative genius come out beautiful glasses, by the expert hand of the northern crftsmen comes out a well-made and proportioned structure, from the materials finally, come out the quality of the product.

The Kyme collections make use, in fact, of the best materials: cellulose from acetate of Mazucchelli, a leader in the field, to well-finished metals, lenses in CR39, polycarbonate or nylon, and leather covering.


Kyme glasses are the protagonistsof the most prestigious red carpets

Kyme glasses are protagonists of the most prestigious red carpets, worn by the most influential fashion bloggers in the world such as Chiara Ferragni, Chiara Biasi, Giulia Valentina, Anna Fasano, Candela Novembre, Gala Gonzalez & Linda Tol.
A careful selection of the best cool hunters in the world who launch international fashion trends every year.
Furthermore, Kyme glasses are the protagonists of the Italian music scene. Nina Zilli, Ghali, Marracash, Coez, Achille Lauro and Usher, are just some of the most prestigious names wearing Kyme.
Belen Rodriguez, Melissa Satta, Alessia Marcuzzi are
just some of the stars who have been fascinated by Kyme’s design, the accessory that transforms stars into
true icons.